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Recommendations for Visitors

recomendaciones visitantes pacientes ips universitaria

  • The elderly and children should always have constant companion, plus any other user define by the treating physician.
  • During the visit, two companions maximum are allowed per user.
  • Make short visits, the user should rest for a speedy recovery.
  • Talk quietly while on the premises of the institution.
  • For the welfare of all do not consume alcohol, cigarettes or psychoactive substances in our facilities. (resolution 7036 of 1991 the Ministry of Social Protection)
  • During the stay, the user must have pajamas and grooming tools.
  • Avoid bringing valuables, the IPS UNIVERSITARIA is not responsible for items lost by users within the facility.
  • Access to minors is restricted as follows in some areas of the IPS UNIVERSITARIA for their safety and well-being.


We allow the entry of children over 10 years with identification and accompanied by a responsible adult.

Emergency Adults:

We allow the entry of teenagers over 14 years with identification and accompanied by a responsible adult.

The entry of up to 32-inch TVs, DVD, video games, orthopedic items, is allowed and is controlled through the ownership sticker and registration left in the book intended for this activity.

Items such as pillows, blankets, mattresses require authorization from an administrator or auditor of the floor.



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