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Customer Care

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Customer Care Unit

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA has in all its branches a Customer Care Unit which guarantees and enforces the rights and responsibilities of users through actions providing the information, the processing of opinions and support for patients and their families at different points of ther healthcare.

The Customer Care office of each site provides general information about the IPS UNIVERSITARIA, resolves concerns and routes you to different services of the institution.

Please contact each office at the following numbers:

Clínica León XIII (+574) 444 70 85 Option 1 extension 31578.
Prado (+574) 444 70 85 Option 2 extension 30130.
Apartadó (+574) 828 31 01.
Barranquilla (+575) 373 49 99.
San Andrés y Providencia (+578) 512 87 07.

Information booth

IPS UNIVERSITARIA has a group of administrative assistants who are responsible for providing information to users and families on institutional rules, duties and rights, opening hours and visits, location services portfolio of services and rates, and steps to be made for their healthcare, guidance and resolution of concerns in each of the information points.

Social workers

The professional social worker group has timely and agile processes to boost aid the intervention in relationship with the user and his/her family. This procedure is performed with the patient, companion, family member or person attending as guardian.

Users Association

IPS UNIVERSITARIA since 2010 has the Users Association, which is made up of people who are affiliated to different Insurance Company that have an agreement with our institution. The Users Association has as main purpose of ensuring the quality of service and users defense of their rights. It complies with the legislation referred in Decree 1757 of 1994, in which the seperates a spaces of social participation of civil society and the state to work articulately in order to guarantee population development programs, projects and services defined to meet the health needs of the population.

This group meets on the last Monday of each month at 2:00 p. m., at the Clinic Leon XIII. The User Support area makes permanent support and provides training on issues such as rights and obligations of users and security strategies like properly identifing patients, actively involve them in their care, reduce falls and infections, among others.

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