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Historical review

resena historica ips universitaria

Until 1993 the University of Antioquia gave basic health services to their workers and employees through the medical welfare service of the university. With the new 100 Law, the Health Program of the University was established given the opportunity to form an IPS that could offer health services for the entire population.

With this, the Institution of Health Services for the University of Antioquia IPS UNIVERSITARIA was born aiming to provide health services at all levels of complexity.

On December 4, 1998 the IPS UNIVERSITARIA began under the business figure of mixed non-profit corporation with 17 employees under the leadership of doctor Ivan Jose Angel Bernal and the then Rector of the Alma Mater Jaime Restrepo Cuarta, chairman of the Board, with the mission of providing comprehensive health services, with high human, technical and scientific quality.

In November 2001, the overall direction of the hospital was pasted to doctor Jaime Velandia Poveda.

Product of the highest standards of quality, IPS UNIVERSITARIA was certified under ISO 9001: 2008 in all its headquarters of outpatient procedures at Prado.

One of the biggest challenges for the institution came in 2007, when the decision of the national government gave the logistical and operation of the Leon XIII Clinic, and expanded its portfolio of services to the high complexity, in order to consolidate its great project "university hospital".

After the experience adquired with the recovery of the scientific, technical, administrative, financial and physical parts of the Leon XIII Clinic, in 2012 it initiated a process of expanding its services to the city of Barranquilla where it starts to operate the public network provision health service consists of 42 institutions at all levels of complexity.

Replicating the same experience, and as an invitation of the Ministry of Health, in 2013, it took over the logistics and operation of health services in the public network of the department of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, offering health coverage for the islanders.

In that same year the IPS UNIVERSITARIA operation began in the Antonio Roldan Betancur Hospital of Apartadó, in the strategy of the University of Antioquia to make presence and participate in the social development of the regions of the department.

In 2014, doctor Jairo Montaño León Gómez became the new director.

These processes of logistics and operation have been developed with the support of strategic partners that run mission and support processes in the institution.

The IPS UNIVERSITARIA offers services in : general and specialist consultation, diagnostic aids, emergency, surgery, hospitalization, intensive care and special units, transplant, research, development and innovation in the hands of the University of Antioquia, with examples of high recognition like the Biobank Cell Therapy Laboratory and also provides jobs to more than seven thousand people in the country. IPS UNIVERSITARIA health services with the oficial seal of the University of Antioquia.

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