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About Medellin


Medellin experienced in the early twentieth century the so-called industrialization, becoming the birthplace of renowned companies, tourist and cultural center in Colombia.

Historical beginning

Medellin was born as a colony surrounded by herds and crops, due to its strategic location and commercial vocation, it was declared a city in 1675 and subsequently, capital of Antioquia, due to its economic and cultural dynamism.

Embark in a unique trip to this land of intelligent and persevering men and women who for years worked in road construction, banks, educational institutions and railway of historical significance.

A city in transformation

Travel to this first class tourist destination with a wide hotel network, the best infrastructure of public services in Latin America and, last but not least, with the warmest and friendliest hosts in the country: the paisas.

Live the recovery of the capital, enjoy the public space and the beauty of its parks and schools that are part of urban and cultural renewal of the city.
Be amazed by the transformation of Medellin, a great city to live, invest and wander.

Medellin is so prosperous and seductive that has been chosen in less than a decade as the ideal place for conducting world-class events like: Thirty-Eighth General

Assembly of the Organization of American States-OAS in 2008; Fifty Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank-IDB, in 2009; Ninth South American Games 2010.

General data

Medellin was founded on November 2, 1675.

Type of government: Open elections for Mayor and City Council composed of 22 members from various political currents.

Estimated Population: According to projections of the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, 2015 Medellin has a population of 2,464,322 inhabitants.
Land area: 380.64 square kilometers

Average temperature: 24 ° C

Political-administrative distribution: 

  • Municipalities (District): 16
  • Townships (rural area) 5
  • Neighborhoods (official Urban): 249
  • Institutional areas: 20

City limits:

  • North with Barbosa, Barbosa, Copacabana and Bello.
  • To the south: Envigado, Itagüí, Sabaneta, La Estrella and Caldas.
  • To the east with: Guarne and Rionegro.
  • To the West with: Angelópolis, Ebéjico and Heliconia.


The mild climate of Medellin is waiting for you to enjoy its 18 ° C to 28 ° C, between the majesty of its mountains and the cool breeze of the landscape.

Climatic diversity

Indulge in Medellin's weather conditions given by the topographical environment of the area as it is located between mountain ranges, it's vegetation provides a unique climate throughout the year.

Enjoy one of the best climates of Colombia in Medellin.

In January, February, March and August the sun caresses the skin of those who travel to the capital of the mountains, while the soft breeze when it borders every corner of this city, making it warm and pleasant to live during the day. During the rainy months it is not cold, so getting around the capital of Antioquia during this time also becomes a pleasure.

This diversity makes Medellin, the city of "eternal spring", a true Paradise sitting before your eyes with the colorful charm of flowers, visible for you 365 days a year.

Thanks to its location between mountains, Medellín is a city of light winds.

Tourist Maps Medellin

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